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Precision Medicine in Oncology

The course includes:

Chapter 1: Overview of Precision Medicine in Oncology
Chapter 2: Role of Genomics in Precision Medicine
Chapter 3: Clinical Trial Desgins for Precision Medicine
Chapter 4: Targeted Therapies
Chapter 5: Molecular Diagnostics

To navigate through this course, use the:

  • Back and forward buttons found on the sides of the screen.
  • Sometimes you’ll see an orange square in the top-right corner of the screen. Click on this square to close the current screen.
  • Some text is highlighted in yellow. Click on the text to read the definition of that word or phrase.
  • Some information can only be accessed by clicking an object on the screen. This direction will be onscreen and in the audio.
  • Look for blue buttons labeled "HEAR DR CONLEY." Click to hear the expert explain the topic further.
  • These instructions may also be accessed from the RESOURCES tab in the upper right hand corner of each screen in the course.